January 2022

It was an intense month, I feel squeezed out. In a good way, if that’s possible. I was working part-time, because I needed time for other activites that had nothing to do with fattening my bank account. That will have to wait until April.

I kicked off the year with starting a writing course and in the second week the course convenor made me enter a short memoir competition. My entry, that I am not entirely confident to share with the whole wide world, is now there in the ether waiting to be judged. I won’t pretend modesty, of course I want the first prize! I had three days for writing it and I finished it this morning so I still feel slightly disoriented. It had not much to do with academic writing that I would normally do. The jury must have a sense of humour for they will announce the winners on 1 April.

I started the Spanish course that I have been looking forward to for months, only to cancel my participation after the very first class. The quality was unacceptable. After two weeks of fruitless hunt for a private teacher on my own, thanks to a LinkedIn call, I found a lovely person within less than 24 hours. It seems that I will get a glimpse into LatAm Spanish and that was the aim. Gracias!

I signed a contract with a human rights agency as a sign of their willingness to use my services. I have been working for them in the past few years on smaller tasks, but this time the plans are more ambitious. This is just a letter of intent for now but those who work in the development sector know that it’s not easy to secure paid projects so it’s definitely a progress.

I have been registered by a few new agencies that work in line with my values, and at the same time I ended working for others who do not. A big shout-out to ZingWord for their shiny new platform. It’s a great place to share my services without having to compromise on what I want to do and whom I want to work for!

On a less busy day I checked my accounts and realized that in the last 5 years I tripled my income. No worries, it all depends on where you started, I am still not a millionaire but it’s good to see the steady progress in numbers too. For my peace of mind.

Hello February! But first… bed.

Concept de l’écriture et de la littérature avec un crayon duquel s’échappe les lettres de l’alphabet symbole de l’inspiration.