My Ele-Birthday in Kenya

Lovely people…. I need 500 of you so I can share my birthday with a herd of elephants. This idea kept me awake last night and this morning it still feels like a stroke of genius.

I have a Buy Me a Coffee account where I share my arts and culture related wonderings and I thought I could do more with it.


I aim to raise €500 (€1/donor) for the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Community, a Samburu-owned and run sanctuary in Northern Kenya. The significant role elephants play in maintaining ecosystems is common knowledge by now but their situation and the relationship of elephants and the communitities that surround them is fragile. This is why the work the Sanctuary does is so important. ↓

“Designed to Rescue and release orphaned and abandoned elephant calves, whilst creating much needed benefits to the local people that live alongside them. The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, is the representation of the communities standing up united for wildlife, in recognition of the value that they can cultivate. Opportunities are being created, livelihoods are improving and wildlife is returning, proving that nature can provide a sustainable economy for the populations that occupy its magnificent ecosystem.”

Strictly speaking, I don’t need 500 people to reach the goal. I just need enough people to raise €500, that is, you are most welcome to donate as many books as you want or can. If the amount raised tops this by 19 Dec, then the full amount will be donated to the Sanctuary.

Option No 1

You can subscribe without committing to support and you can read my past and future posts at your pleasure. I have been told they are not terribly bad but go check and decide yourself.

Option No 2

You do subscribe then you buy me a book for €1 and help me celebrate my birthday in style. Date → 19 December.

To soften your heart, I am attaching a photo by Ami Vitale, a photojournalist, filmmaker and writer, who has done tremendous work for the Sanctuary through her photography and writing.

Ps. I love elephants and Tippi Degré remains the only person whose life I have ever envied. You know, the little girl (now a proper adult living in France) who spent her youth in Namibia among wild animals and her connection to elephants was wildly photographed.

Every little helps.

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