About Me

I am a native Hungarian, a qualified and experienced English-to-Hungarian translator.

I graduated in Philology, with a focus on Tibetan and Mongolian studies, from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest) in Hungary. These courses provided me not only with an exceptionally good practical training in the translation of non-European languages, but I learnt to appreciate the differences that lay within seemingly curious cultures, traditions and customs of the world and, of course, I could experience the beauty of languages.

To further expand my horizons, I accepted an offer of admission from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS), to do a master’s course in African Studies. I majored in West African Culture and Society, and because I believe that we will never truly understand a culture without making at least an attempt to speak their languages, I started learning one of the major languages of the region, that was Yoruba. Again a valuable experience, that, together with the skills acquired during the course as well as living and working in the UK, helped me establish myself as a professional translator.

I started working for leading translation, health care and law enforcement agencies as a freelance English to Hungarian translator in the UK in 2009, taking on both in-house and home-based projects. Apart from delivering high-quality translation work in various fields, such as market research, law, education and health care, I also worked as an interpreter for the NHS, primary schools, various law enforcement agencies and social service providers.

After four years of immersing myself in London life, I moved on temporarily to Mongolia for work and research. I was employed by the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, where I was responsible for delivering the translation of their then new catalogue and audio guide, from Mongolian into English. Because my research is strongly connected to the collection of the Museum, I was able to professionally advise on the content of the catalogue too.

While travelling as much as I could and covering my expenses through translation work, I finished my doctoral dissertation and gained my PhD from the Doctoral School of Linguistics (ELTE, Budapest) in 2016.

Now based in Budapest, with the occasional field trip to other parts of the world, my focus is to turn my commitment to high quality professional work, my international experiences and my skills to the benefit of my clients, whether they are businesses or private individuals, national or international organizations.


PhD Doctoral School of Linguistics, ELTE, Budapest
MA Philology – Tibetan and Mongolian Studies, ELTE, Budapest
MA African Studies, SOAS, University of London

PG certificate – Writing Lives University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education
PG certificate – English to Hungarian translator – Social Sciences, ELTE, Department of Translation and Interpreting
PG certificate – Film Translation Course, Hungarovox Studio, Budapest