Sources of Mongolian Buddhism – New publication alert

Two years after its publication I can finally hold this book I contributed to in my hands. My essay translates, presents and analyzes oral narratives from the early 20th century as told by Mongolian monks. It will give you a glimpse into the repressions and persecutions of the period, the consequences of which were devastating for everyday people, traditions and Buddhism alike.

‘Despite Mongolia’s centrality to East Asian history and culture, Mongols themselves have often been seen as passive subjects on the edge of the Qing formation or as obedient followers of so-called “Tibetan Buddhism,” peripheral to major literary, religious, and political developments. But in fact Mongolian Buddhists produced multi-lingual and genre-bending scholastic and ritual works that profoundly shaped historical consciousness, community identification, religious knowledge, and practices in Mongolian lands and beyond. In Sources of Mongolian Buddhism, a team of leading Mongolian scholars and authors have compiled a collection of original Mongolian Buddhist works – including ritual texts, poetic prayers and eulogies, legends, inscriptions, and poems – for the first time in any European language.

Features original Mongolian Buddhist texts never before translated into English.

Introduces a fresh approach to understanding Tibeto-Mongolian Buddhism through primary sources.

Offers literature from the seventeenth century to the presen.’

Sources of Mongolian Buddhism, Ed by Vesna A. Wallace
Oxford University Press 2020, USA