Arts and Cultures

Have you noticed the tiny but special symbol on my website? It’s called Funtunfunefu-denkyemfunefu. What else?

→ This is one of the Adinkra symbols of Ghana, the symbol of democracy and unity, represented in the shape of Siamese crocodiles.

→ The Adinkra symbols were my first research topic in African Studies and I love the beauty and wisdom they conceal.

→ They represent concepts and aphorisms, originally created by the Bono, one of the largest ethnic groups of Akan people in West Africa.

→ You can find these symbols printed on clothing, painted on household objects, woven into fabrics, turned into jewellery and architectural elements.

→ There is a chance you have seen one or more of them without being aware of it, for they may be some of the most extensively seen African motifs outside Africa.

→ I chose this symbol for a reason. The two crocodiles share the same stomach so they are forced to cooperate in order to survive.

→ They are independent beings, still, they are deeply connected, relying on one another, reminding us of the importance of

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