Do you need someone specialized in Buddhism?

Be it research, writing or revision, I am your girl.

How could it happen that by now I am brave enough to list Buddhism as one of my expertises? On a mild autumn day in 1999 I attended my first university lecture in Tibetan Studies. The rest is history but a few stats to prove my right.

* Master’s degrees in Tibetan and Mongolian Studies.

* PhD degree in both.

* Master’s and PhD dissertations written about Buddhist Arts, education and relevant issues.

* Translating and analyzing Buddhist texts written in Tibetan and Mongolian, spiced up with Sanskrit because it’s part of the fun.

* Publications – academic and journalistic – addressing Buddhism, traditions, Buddhist arts of Tibet and Mongolia, as well as analyzing contemporary issues related to Buddhism.

* Work for the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts in Ulaanbaatar, revising, writing, translating their catalogue. Yes, that’s Mongolia and if you ever visit, the catalogue is still available for you to check. The most beautiful workplace I have ever had. Sigh…

* Work for the Hungarian National Museum, helping them organize an exhibition about the infamous Genghis khan and his heirs.

* Then I tried to convince the The British Museum that they needed me but to no avail – certain dreams remain dreams for ever. Sigh again…

* The rather poor-quality photo below shows my favourite statue of the Zanabazar Museum. It depicts White Tara made by Ondor Gegeen Zanabazar himself, a 17-18th century artist and spiritual leader of Mongolia whom I could tell you about for hours but I will not.

I may have missed a few asterisks but I think you understand why and how I can help you.

If you are still not convinced, a question for you: Would you say Buddha or The Buddha? If you are unsure, then you may need my services.