Let’s Spanish!

Meet my new companions!

I will be starting a Spanish course next week and I am both terrified and excited. In the second half of last year I read a few books from Caribbean writers, either in translation or in English original, and if you have read anything from them you must know that they love flavouring their writing with Spanish expressions. I wonder if I should blame the translators for this! In any case, it’s been bothering me that I didn’t understand this mixed language. It’s the same with African writers whose English is enriched with local languages, and you need some patience and learning to familiarize yourself with them. I have had over 20 years for the latter so that’s not an issue anymore but I would like to continue immersing myself in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, I have a few friends with whom I would love to converse in their mother tongue. That will take years but one has to start somewhere.

I have never learnt Romance languages and that’s the part that terrifies me. I have a basic understanding of their grammar system so I know what awaits me. I have had a brief intro into French a couple of years ago but the teacher was more interested in me than in teaching me so I turned my back on him then I lacked the motivation to search for an other teacher. This time I made sure to do a proper course with many other people in the class, organized by the Cervantes Institute. They take their job seriously without question for already the application process was in Spanish and I received the confirmation about my enrollment in Spanish. Well, I hope for the best.

The book I have been asked to buy is clearly not for beginners, it’s more suitable for intermediate learners but I trust the teacher will know what they do. Nonetheless, it looks interesting, there seem to be loads of information about Latin America, food and travelling so I am looking forward to being able to read and understand the words and not the images only.

I am not too good at learning a language from books. If you have found my page somehow and you speak Spanish, and you even would like to help my language learning journey then please get in touch, I would love to practice in real life.